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Dr Peter Cox B.Sc (Eng), D.I.C, C.Eng, M.I.Mech.E, F.I.M.


Materials and Design

  • International tube standards

  • Materials selection

  • Multilayer tool design and supply

  • Selection of materials for barrier structures

  • Tool design and sourcing


  • Blow moulding

  • Calibration

  • Film extrusion

  • Injection moulding

  • Mould flow

  • Profile and sheet extrusion

  • Quality assurance

  • Tube production

Secondary Operations

  • Finishing and decorating

  • Testing

  • Welding and fastening





Other Skills

  • Equipment commissioning

  • Trouble shooting

Personal Profile

Dr Peter Cox has over 40 years experience in academic and industrial polymer processing, R&D and industrial applications. He worked with Prof Roger Fenner at Imperial College on the modelling of screw extrusion and is the author of 16 papers in materials engineering. He worked for 9 years at the Metal Box Wantage R&D site and was involved with the innovative OPP process as well as service work on multilayered blow moulded bottles at Metal Box factories in Europe. He also was involved in European recycling projects in the 1980ís. He has industrial experience in the fields of large bore rubber hoses, mono and multilayered blow moulded packaging products and mono and multilayer tube production. He is the UK expert on materials selection and die design for multilayer tube production and has a die design to produce multilayer tube/pipe extrusions.

He has provided in-house training courses on extrusion and has also given training courses at Smithers Rapra on the properties and means of production of multilayer polymer structures.

He has acted as an expert witness for numerous plastic applications and has given evidence at the Patent Court in London.

Contact Address

Peter Cox Associates, 19A Oxford Street, Lambourn, Berks, RG17 8XS

Tel: 01488 72027

Fax: 01488 72019

email: drpeter.cox@pca-materials.com

Web site: www.pca-materials.com